Appolous Mobile App development with Flutter has begin

Appolous App
We are so excited to announce that our Appolous app is in development! To mark this history, we’ve decided to give a brief introduction on the technology that we are using as well as the reason of choosing it.


We choose Flutter as our framework to create our mobile app. What is Flutter? From the official site of Flutter:

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

There you have it, Flutter is a complete UI kit that allows developers like us to develop high-scalability app with the best typography, icons and scrolling behaviors.

Why Flutter?

The main reason is because the beautiful UI that we simply cannot resist. Flutter makes animation easy, the common animation patterns are heavily simplified and are optimised for 60FPS, you can expect our mobile app going to be very user-friendly!
Not only that, Flutter is a Cross-Platform framework, which means one single code-base can be use in Android and iOS. It is awesome, isn’t it?
Because of this, we can easily cut our development time at half! Not only that, Flutter supports Hot Reload which enable fast development, which makes it stand apart from other crowd. You may build your UI, add features and even debug your app on real-time basis.


There you have it, those are the reasons why we choose Flutter as our main framework for Appolous mobile app development. We will update our development progress from time to time, stay tuned!
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