About Us
We're Appolous, a team that loves simplicity and great user experience.
Our Experience

Our team has vast experience in the eCommerce, retail and IT industry. Appolous is the brainchild of our team to improve the business efficiencies of SMEs, with an affordable price yet packed with comprehensive features for all SMEs’ business functions. We believe that businesses growth happens from within itself and that strong business processes are the main foundation of a successful business.


Appolous is the Business Management System (BMS) that your business needs, especially with a rigid operation base. BMS is able to handle every pillar of your business, such as supply chain, marketing, sales, HR etc. Appolous enables real-time tracking of the status of every one of these business functions.

Our BMS is created to cater to the majority of SME businesses. As in accordance to our business objective: providing an affordable BMS to SMEs, Appolous does not cater only for a few specific business sectors, but to all general SME businesses. As long as your business involves purchasing and selling, or providing service(s), Appolous is the right tool for you!

Our Mission
To be the most compelling system to businesses by driving progressive, innovative and ongoing digitalization of businesses.
IT Passionate

We at Appolous, are a bunch of IT enthusiasts, believe in the capabilities and power of IT in helping and contributing to people and businesses. Creating useful applications to our users and businesses is what we are satisfied for, especially in this fast changing and digitally connected business environment.

We are always open to feedback and ideas that improves our solution for our users. We are all ears, talk to us anytime!

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